Pet products you can trust and they will love!

Pet Supplies at Mother Earth Foods

We love our pets!We believe that pets are family too. So, of course, we want to provide the best products that will help your pet to live a long, healthy, happy life. With supplies ranging from natural food and supplements to toys and hygiene products, Mother Earth Foods has what you need to care for the special cats and dogs in your family.


Here are a few of our favorite pet brands:

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Ark Naturals
Ark Naturals provides natural solutions for common pet problems for dogs and cats. All products are always made in the USA.

Dog Supplemenets • Cat Supplements • Senior Dog Solutions

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Natural Pet
King Bio’s line of Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals offers homeopathic solutions for cat and dog issues such as allergies, anxiety, arthritis, and more. Because the formulas are taste-free and have a pure water base, giving Natural Pet to your pet is easy: Just add 1/2 a teaspoon into your pet’s bowl once daily!

Homeopathic Medicine for Cats and Dogs


Farm-grown ingredients are what make the difference between Innova’s dog and cat foods and its competitors. The company manufactures its dry food in its own plant and has complete sourcing and manufacturing transparency. Meat is always the first ingredient.

Dog Food • Cat Food • Grain-free Pet Food 


Evo’s dog and cat foods are inspired by your pet’s wild ancestors. They provide high-protein, grain free nutrition to promote a lean, conditioned body. It is highly digestible and highly nutritious.

Grain-Free Dog Food • Grain-Free Pet Food


Family-owned and operated since 1979, PetGuard offers organic pet food that is made in the USA. Their products are free of artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, excess sugars and salt because they believe good nutrition is the key to preventative health care for your pet.

Canned Food • Dry Food • Treats• Supplements • Grooming

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Orijen is committed to fresh food. It is never frozen, preservative-free, and arrives in their kitchen within a day or two of harvest. The ingredients are sustainably-raised and passed fit for human consumption. Their “biologically appropriate” philosophy means that their food is designed to nourish dogs and cats in keeping with their evolutionary adaptation to fresh meat and protein-rich diets.

Dog Food • Cat Food • Treats • Freeze-Dried Food