Local Products

local At Mother Earth Foods, we stock our store with unique and healthy local products whenever possible. There are lots of great reasons to “SHOP LOCAL”:

  • Better for the environment
  • Profits ultimately benefit your friends, family, and you
  • You know what you are getting because you know the person making/growing/creating it
  • Promote local job creation

At our store, we are proud to offer the following quality products that are from families and small businesses close to our home of Parkersburg, WV.

Honey from ThistleDew Farms

Bulk Raw Honey
Honey from Thistledew Farm in Proctor, WV is available in multiple sizes and also in bulk so you can get as much or as little as you need at a time. The honey is raw, never filtered, just strained to retain the its natural qualities. It is certified kosher by Rabbi Urecki of Charleston, WV. This is one of our biggest sellers at Mother Earth Foods.

Mountain State Honey Jars

Pure WV Honey
Mountain State Honey Company is a family-run business in Tucker County, WV. They offer a variety of flavors of raw, unprocessed honey, depending on the location of the hive and the time of year it is extracted.


Pasture-Raised Eggs
Looking for a convenient way to regularly purchase local eggs? Mother Earth Foods has ungraded, free-range eggs from Matheny Farms in Elizabeth, WV.

Silverbridge Coffee

Silverbridge Coffee
Using the finest Arabica Beans, Silverbridge Coffees are roasted in small batches to bring out the distinct flavor of each bean. The fresh coffee is delivered to Mother Earth Foods, so when you purchase it, you can be sure it will have optimal flavor. Besides the amazing taste of their coffees, we like Silverbridge’s commitment to helping others. They are part of the Café Femenino Program, which empowers female farmers around the world. All of Silverbridge’s coffee is also Fair Trade Certified.


Fresh Produce
When in season, we offer fresh produce from Cedar Lane Farm, just outside of Parkersburg, West Virginia. This local farm embraces sustainable, organic practices and offers a variety of produce including berries, herbs, vegetables, and more.

Maple Syrup for Cedar Run Farm

Pure WV Maple Syrup
New this year at Mother Earth is maple syrup from Cedar Run Farm, a family farm near Friendly, WV. Hand-collected sap from their sugar maple trees is distilled for hours to produce syrup with the characteristic rich flavor and color of pure maple syrup.