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At Mother Earth Foods, we understand that healthy living is more than eating well and getting the nutrients your body needs. Everyday we come into contact with substances that could potentially harm us. Unfortunately, many typical cleaning products, which should be making our homes better living environments, have toxic chemicals and fumes that could be making us sick!

We have done the research and hand-picked cleaning and household products that will really clean AND be safe for your family and the environment.

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Ecover Powered by Nature

Ecover uses plant-based and mineral ingredients that are renewable or grow in abundance; they biodegrade well and require little energy during production. Ecover’s factory is green-powered and has a flower roof. None of their products contain phosphates.

Fabric Care • Dish Soap • Cleaning Products

Seventh Generation Logo

Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation offers plant-derived cleaning products with one goal in mind: Caring for seven generations of tomorrows.

Laundry • Dishwashing • Recycled Paper Products and Trash Bags • Baby Products


Method’s cleaners use powerful formulas made with naturally derived surfectants that work by dissolving and removing dirt. Their unique packaging is more than an eye-catcher; it is designed to be “some of the finest pieces of recyclable plastic art.”

Hand Soap • Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaners • Cleaning Wipes • Floor Cleaning

Biokleen Logo

Biokleen is a family owned and operated company. Not only are their products effective and environmentally friendly, they also make them as concentrated as possible—so a little will go a long way!

Soyblends • Laundry • Kitchen Cleaners • Household Cleaning

Earth Friendly Products Logo

Earth Friendly Products
Earth Friendly Products are formaldehyde free. During product development, they focus on responsible sustainability and avoid using any petrochemical, non-ionic ingredients.

Detergents • Paper goods • Dish Soap