As a local small business, we love to be able to give back to our neighbors and the surrounding community. We appreciate all your continued support throughout our many years in Parkersburg, WV, and understand the importance of working together for a better world. We donate to local causes and groups that are aligned with our mission statement when we are able.  We also have established a Wooden Nickel Program so we can regularly give to the local groups that we believe in and promote an environmentally-friendly culture in our store.

Wooden Nickel Contributions for 2012Our Wooden Nickel Program

Mother Earth Foods’ Wooden Nickel Program encourages our customers to re-use their shopping bags. When customers use their own bag(s) at checkout instead of using our paper/plastic bags, they are given a 5-cent token to place in one of our donation jars. The “wooden nickels” are counted quarterly and matched by Mother Earth Foods, so that for every nickel, ten cents is given to the charity.

Our customers have the option of giving their wooden nickel to the following local organizations:

Next time you shop at Mother Earth Foods, don’t forget to BYOB (Bring Your Own BAG)!

Donation Requests

Although our Wooden Nickel program is limited to those specific charities (listed above), other local groups can request one-time donations to support a special event or cause.

If you would like to request a donation from Mother Earth Foods, please use our contact form and put “Attention Marketing: Donation Request” in the subject area. In the message, include your group’s name, your full name, telephone number, date the donation is needed by, and the type of donation requested (monetary or product). A professional flyer, brochure, etc. will likely be requested.